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Why Victor?

Meaningful work, changing lives, investing your energy in transforming people, joining your skills with others for maximum impact, opening doors for others, growing and learning. There are so many reasons to further your career here.

Find your reason by joining us.

Of all the agencies serving children and families, why would you want to work at Victor? Take a look at this video to hear from some of our employees what it is that makes Victor such a special place to work.
We are passionate about our programs, but we are equally passionate about the people who work with us. We recognize that every member of our team is essential to helping us fulfill our mission, to live out our values, and to transform lives.

If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of families, while being appreciated and recognized for your value and contribution, Victor is the place for you.
One of the reasons that Victor is a great place to work is the positive and mutually encouraging attitude that staff members have toward each other and toward the families we work with. There is always someone who will offer hope or a new perspective when we get discouraged.

Making a difference

Our work changes lives every day. The lives of our clients and their families, and the lives of our employees. Ready to join a team doing meaningful work?

An Inspiring Workplace

Join a diverse community that has a consistent passion to work together to help others soar. We know we do our best work together, so we encourage, share, and listen to each other.

Room To Grow

We invest in training and education for our staff so that you can build your skills and make your best impact.
I choose to work at Victor because of the sense of mission to children and families that is present in every staff member from the highest administrative level on down. At our site the atmosphere is positive overall, and people are mutually supportive and encouraging.